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Figure Skating Program

The Champions Figure Skating Program offers the best in training for figure skaters and is the home of Regional, Eastern Sectional, Junior Olympic, and National Competitors.

Skater's training with the Academy have available to them a true world class training facility featuring twin olympic ice surfaces, a full service fitness center with pool, a 4000 square foot off-ice training room, a ballet room with mirrors, a jump harness, and a Bose sound system.

All of the this exemplifies the Champions Figure Skating Program's commitment to the development and training of figure skaters in the New England area.

Freestyle Schedule

Click here for our open freestyle schedule.

Private Coaches

ALL coaches who would like to coach private lessons on either Freestyle ice, or Private Hockey Lesson ice (replaces Open Hockey) must pre register and upload insurance certificates valid now, and after July 1, 2021. Coaches must have valid insurance to enter the building.


Please distribute this link if you know a coach who is interested in teaching private lessons.

Freestyle Pricing

AM Session: $14 (60 minutes)
PM Session: $17 (60 minutes)
Half hour session: $13
Space limited.

Freestyle Rules

General Rules

  • All skaters must have a current USFS Basic Skills or Full Membership to skate on Champions Freestyle Session.
  • All skaters must have a skater info sheet, waiver, and USFS Skater Code of Conduct on file with the box office.
  • All Skaters must adhere to the USFS Safesport Code of Conduct rules and guidelines.

Ice Rules

  • No Game Playing.
  • NO skaters may be on the ice when the Zamboni is resurfacing. Please exit the ice promptly at the end of the session and keep rink door closed until resurfacing is completed.
  • No standing on the ice. Skaters must stay moving at all times.
  • Socializing needs to be conducted off of the ice or at the barrier.
  • Any skater wearing hockey skates or a helmet must be with a coach at all times.
  • All skaters must have PASSED US Basic Skills Basic 8 to be eligible to skate on a freestyle session without a coach (no age restriction).
  • Keep the traffic flow moving through the primary lutz corners. No stationary coaching in the lutz corners.
  • Skaters who do not follow Champions Ice/Music Rules or Safesport Code of Conduct will be warned. If the behavior continues, skaters will be removed from the ice with no refund.
  • Skaters cannot yell ‘Heads Up’ (or similar) unless imminent danger of collision exists. Dance teams may use ‘heads up’ before they enter a lift.
  • Skaters are not permitted to use hand held devices or earphones while skating (coaches are permitted to use handheld devices to choreograph).
  • Coaches must conduct their lessons from the barrier whenever possible and coaches must yield AT ALL TIMES to the skaters on the session.
  • Coaches may teach group (semi-private) lessons with no more than 3 skaters or 2 dance teams. Multiple coaches can confer at the barrier but must send skaters out in a staggered fashion. At the discretion of management, busy sessions may have additional group rules restrictions imposed if safety is a factor.

Music Rules / Right of Way

  • All skaters must wear a vest when doing their program
  • Skaters on lesson only have right of way when they are on program.
  • Every skater should have their music played once before any skater has their music played a second time. All skaters/teams have a 2 program limit per session with right of way (wearing the vest).
    • Skaters may not get their music played more than once during busy sessions.
    • Please see rules below regarding lesson and order
  • Skaters need to sign in their programs on the white board at the start of the session to get their music in rotation. Order is two lessons and one non lesson.
  • Restarting of music is not allowed. If you choose to play only a section of a piece of music, that is your choice, and it will count as your program. When your music is stopped, the next skater in line will played.
  • Choreography should be done using hand held devices only. If you put the music into rotation, that will count as your program. Hand held devices must not be able to be heard above the rink system. Boom boxes that are on the barrier must not be played above the level of the skater who is on program.
  • Music Rotation Rules
    • The skater on deck cannot be bumped unless they have already had their program played
    • Skaters on lesson have priority for their first program ONLY. A coach can only request one program per skater/team per 50 minute session
    • If you have a lesson and you play your program before your lesson starts, you have lost your coaches priority to have your lesson played. Please check with your coach before you request your program on a busy session
    • If you are the skater on deck on a busy session, please be ready to skate as quickly as possible to keep the line moving
    • Please do not congregate at the music box

  » Freestyle Rules [revised 2014-09-17]

Coaches Registration

Skating professionals interested in Coaching at Champions must fill out this Coach Registration Form, have Professional Liability Insurance, and have approval from Champions Management.

For more information on coaching at Champions or to request information on available coaches, please contact Tiesha DiMaggio at